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counselling students during chaos

Counseling students during chaos is the need of the hour.

Pandemic stricken as we are has gotten communities, families, and especially individuals to be prepared better than before. Navigating lives through the thick of things and ‘leading to the future has been our vision at SEA (Suvidha Educational Academy).

We offer our services of addressing your educational goals – exploring options, developing strategies, increasing self-awareness, and walking it all through your personal problems. We bring to you – ‘Suvidha- My Mentor’ an all comprehensive guide – a source of power information & directional counseling for career building. Dealing with young (students) in Delhi NCR, we sit pretty in the heart of India. We are active with a lot of action around education corners across disciplines & in different states. Our team of experts walks many dimensions of the Indian education landscape every day. We at SEA are here to facilitate & perform for your suvidha! (‘suvidha ke liye’ – as we urge you to connect)

covid impacts & bruises Indian education set-up

In recent times, COVID-19 has had a severe impact on school education as well as on higher education. Schools and universities closed their campuses and countries shut their borders in response to lockdown measures. Those students set for after 10th or after 12th transition (from high school to secondary to degree education programs) are desperate and frustrated about the uncertainty around qualifying and competitive exams. However, within the course level progressions been made based on internal assessments, as temporary routes to the next levels. All education institutes from primary school to high school to secondary levels are functioning online to get the minimal going.

Get the best out of students

For the not-so-active academic practices lingering past 2 consecutive years’ students are still paddling up their way. This brings the anxious lot (of secondary school kids) nearer to a crucial cross junction of career decision-making. Their anxiety is simply multiplying with cancellations and deferments of national entrance exams and state-level exams. All chaotic environs to be dealt with resilience and creativity but a student would need a well-guided approach to fill these gaps. At Suvidha, for your suvidha – meaning we guide, motivate and emotionally support students enabling their growth through-

  •  our expert foresightedness helps build individual profiles that would prove worthy in the near future for a career he/she wants to make.
  •  we conduct sessions deep and wide, map their abilities, interests, and attitude, and know their selves better.
  •  our explorative orientation opens up an array of opportunities – online/offline that would add value when campuses restart.
  •  we scan parameters macro to micro & muster valid information for desirable institutes and related job market conditions.
  •  we table action plans (scoping flexibility) that a student may consider in lieu of present disruptions.
  •  we check and abstain students from making wrong choices under parental expectations & peer pressure
  •  our long experience and sturdy patience can drive past pandemic crisis and breakdown of academic systems

Attempt, as we do to hold the vastness of education dimension is rigorous. SEA deeply roots its mentoring skills at the core of its services very consciously which makes a difference. Students’ preferences are unique & varied. Their personalities must be charmed with correct choices. Most of which we are sound boarding at our counseling stable both online & offline in Janakpuri, Delhi. The academic opportunities (like trending courses, best courses & top colleges) as suggested by us must help students make goals attainable or help to achieve goals. More difficult times have turned us craftier servicing the unknowns. It’s a topsyturvy, so we turn upside down too and rally through the unprecedented circumstances. Our counselors now collaborate with students to –

  •  substantiate news – sources are many and every bit about exams and assessment methods is of great concern kill the fear in mind – applications for national entrance exams (2022 – 23) would be doubled if this year’s batch is not sworn in.
  •  grow into online learners or e-academic disciples supplementing mainstream that is only partially abled.
  •  hone the skills theoretically while putting it into practice would be possible only after the pandemic, especially for vocational but non – computer courses.
  •  know the professions that would be in demand – we would be talking and thinking more futuristic than ever before. All of the above is customized career counseling and guidance services for every student as per their strength, needs, skills, and interest. Each student gets a plan that’s based on what they know and how they learn best, the very learner-centric approach.

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