Suvidha Counsels On Next Generation Courses For Engineering

Suvidha Counsels On Next Generation Courses For Engineering

New curricula development underway in the shadow of looming pandemic.

In most countries worldwide healthcare industry has been booming, However, due to recent global pandemic of COVID -19, the demand of ‘Health Informatics’ is forecasted to grow exponentially over the next decade. The size of healthcare industry in India, comprising core plus allied products and services is magnanimous. Hospitals, medical instruments, clinical treatments, medical tourism, and health insurance market is expected to reach INR 485 Bn by 2024 at a CAGR of 27% according to This presents huge opportunities for the youngsters today to foray into future with hopes, skills and strength.

Health Informatics offering job opportunities 

It is the latest evolving engineering field that perfectly suits the need of the hour. It is presently driving the world around for a considerable chunk of population rolling under the wrath of pandemic. This stream of knowledge involves data collection and analysis with the help of advance artificial intelligence and data science techniques. Demand for health informatics professionals would increase much faster than the average for all occupations and projected to grow 22% by 2029. Medical facilities from hospitals to nursing homes are scrambling to find qualified professionals to help workout mandated goals for implementing the use of electronic health and medical records.

This makes our experts (suvidha – your mentor) watchful around the education turf servicing the information for this stream. This specific knowledge surge is getting infused not only for medical & its allied courses but also evolving new relevant technical content for engineering courses. Being torchbearers for the learners is more the reason for our counsellors to diligently tab on multiplicity of courses. Searching, verifying and announcing what’s being offered by both private and government universities and institutes in India, would guide the career-paths of many.

Healthcare Informatics is trending education (the other sunrise industry) in India

With every new day, special modules are being added and content is getting evolved. Formulations of general  understanding on varied parameters of health industry during covid 19, is upping the thoughts around this stream into the engineering discipline. The application of health informatics is a technical enabler in many crucial aspects. It collates all information of a patient from his past medication, clinical data and various reports taken during any treatment. This recorded and informed data with analytics provide medical professionals with enough to conduct better treatment. This lowers the cost of treatment as science & tech help to share data quickly, accurately and securely. The rapid and continuous data collection, processing and synchronization can further assist researchers in the field of bio pharmacy and more.

In Focus, with our mentors at your suvidha, let’s understand deeper. Keeping a worldwide view including India we need agile systems and progressive frameworks in our hospitals and other care centers. This all must make up a chain of facilities teaming up efficiently to provide better care to patients with every day forward. Healthcare informatics is a study which would capacitate the industry to fill the gaps and fasten the progress. As healthcare starts to thrive by relying on information technology, we could clearly see the dynamics of education playing a vital role. Through our lenses wide open we shortlist and bring forth many degrees and / or certificate programs available at reputed education institutes.

Recent academic initiatives are setting grounds ready in India, serving the futuristic scope of premier institutes like IIT, ISB, Manipal University and others have included this into their academic programs. In the next 4 years this will better ready the medical battlegrounds in case of any red hot pandemic times.

It is a multidisciplinary field that includes computer science, information science, social and behavioral science, healthcare management, data analytics and many others. IIT Bombay has launched a course in healthcare informatics for B. Tech and dual degree (IDDDP Inter-departmental dual degree program) as a minor program. This is a unique post graduate program designed to cover subjects like clinical data management, healthcare ethics and standard, modelling, data efficient machine learning. This and many such programs in the offing bring together core sciences – maths, computer science and medicine.

These programs / courses would enable students to become efficient and constructive health informatics specialists with the help of knowledge and skills acquired from training and specialized curriculum. Academic designed is such that would help students acquire multi-specialism. They will choose from multiple career options as their potential employers are starting to bring it for them. In other words, expertise from computer science, bioinformatics, statistics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and medical science would now be put for greater social impact.

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